Training Logistics

It is important that the kids bring the right gear to the practice sessions. This page aims to provide you with the right information for each practice session.

Biking Practice:

Developmental athletes can choose which bicycle they wish to ride, but Superkids Multisport recommends a road bike for the competitive athletes and most definitely for the High Performance athletes.

Please note: Our athletes range from beginner to experienced riders and one or two coaches cannot handle all riders at the same time during cycling practices. Parents are encouraged to bring their bikes to the practice sessions to help out with the safety of our athletes. The simplest rule to follow is that - where possible - a parent accompanies his or her own child. We will make exceptions for this of course, where we try to group the riders by ability on the day of practice and assign coaches/parents to groups.

Each cycling practice starts off with a short rider education session - to ensure the safety of our athletes.

Running Practice:

The running practice always starts with a warm-up, a main set and a cool down and includes stretching. Parents are encouraged to participate as we will again for groups based on ability. The groups are only necessary for trail runs.

Transition Clinics: These are discussed in full detail here.

Other Practice:

From time to time we will have practice sessions where we will combine two sports. For example we may offer bike & run or a swim & run session. For these, please bring what is appropriate for each of the sports discussed above.