Group Training

Five Reasons You Should Train with a Group
By David Bertrand and edited by Richard Gossow

Generally our kids do not enjoy going for a run or a ride with us parents. They do much better amongst their peers and can draw energy and motivation from each other. Whether they are just starting their path toward fitness, returning to training after some time off, the company of a training group can help them go the extra mile. Here are 5 ways a group can help maximize their training:

Your young athlete may be sitting on the couch and playing his or her favorite game console. He or she might think twice knowing that their training partners are out there getting the workout done.

They will draw off the energy of their training partners to fight through that last interval of a speed workout or climb of a hill workout.

Training with others gets the competitive juices flowing, pushing your young athlete to continue challenging themselves.

Distraction from Training Barriers
Your young athlete may have had a bad day! Their training group will be there to keep things in perspective. They have opportunities for conversations with their training partners and structure from a coach to help them through rough spots that might otherwise result in a missed workout.

Building Relationships
The training group is there for them to share experiences, learn from others, teach others, support others, be supportive and forge long-term friendships.

In the end they all have a goal when they start training. By leaning on each other they can stay on track to reach their goals and have fun. The group dynamic can breathe fresh air into workouts and carry over into all aspects of life. Soon enough, they might find themselves recruiting friends and family to join in the next group-training program or club workout.