Below is a list of equipment that Superkids uses when training their athletes. Please note that Superkids does not necessarily endorse or recommend this equipment - we just know that it works.

  • CompuTrainer
  • Unfortunately these trainers are no longer manufactured, but they are pretty reliable and seem to have quite a long lifespan. The Superkids biking studio uses these and pairs each one with a computer.

    For more information on computing requirements, please follow this link: RacerMate Inc. You may also find some spare parts from them. Otherwise, you may check on eBay for used equipment.

  • Wahoo Kickr
  • The Wahoo Kickr comes in two models, the Kickr and the Kickr Snap. The Snap is more like the CompuTrainer, but the Kickr allows you to take off your bike's rear wheel and attach the bike directly to the trainer.

    For more information on these trainers, please follow this link: Wahoo Fitness.

  • Software
  • The Superkids biking studio uses both RacerMate One and Zwift. Typically, RacerMate One comes with the purchase of a CompuTrainer and Zwift is a download, but does come with a monthly $15 fee.

  • Heartrate Monitors
  • The Superkids biking studio uses the Garmin HR monitor and a Suuntu ANT+ mini USB stick. There are other heartrate devices out there and if you are using a Bluetooth device to capture your training, then using a BT HR monitor is the right way to go.